Explain to me why you love the nerfs to damage, movement, casting, attacking, crafting, build diversity, etc. I want to understand.

Explain to me why you love the nerfs to damage, movement, casting, attacking, crafting, build diversity, etc. I want to understand.


Easy game is boring. Hard game isn't. Self imposed challenges are memes. It's really that simple for me.


I play with self-imposed challenges in other games that I consider too easy, but those are usually gameplay related. E.g. in racing games I sometimes force myself to restart the race until I manage to get a full run without hitting anything. For one particular race that took over a hundred hours. But to me, PoE would become very boring if I tried to do that, and the part of PoE that I enjoy the most is figuring out ways to make strong characters, so deliberately playing weaker ones would also be unenjoyable.


I feel like im living the "first time?" Meme on this sub. Ive played since closed beta. Ive seen nerfs, builds straight up deleted. 2 or 3 leagues from now itll be the same excitement, frustration, all the emotions to varying degrees. Its gonna be fine.


At one point they specifically commented in patch notes or balance manifesto that a build had been nerfed "in every way imaginable." I can't remember when or what build, but seriously. First time indeed.


Still sitting his remembering fondly of my poison freeze pulse build. I'll miss you.


It was vaal spark and it was still a top tier build for that league until it got nerfed again enough to finally kill it after


That's right, yeah! Back when the corrupted jewels that interacted with vaal skills were actually worth using.


I enjoy interacting with enemies when it comes to ARPG (PoE is terrible for that right now, interacting will mobs will end up with too many unavoidable 1shots) But in a well designed ARPG, having to actually dodge around enemies attacks is pretty fun. Movement is kind of the same, we're so damn fast right now that we can avoid 99% of melee mobs, which isn't great when a games goal is to have engaging combat. I'm personally not a big fan of the changes to mana cost at the moment, my melee build already struggled with Mana costs and it has very little option to get reduced mana costs, mana leech not being enough. Crafting in PoE is pretty shit, and they're just making it worse. I'm not sure why.


because every league I get to killing maven and sirus without barely any effort. I recognise this can't be good for the game long term as where the hell are we meant to go from here


Its just mechanical fight even if u have 100k DPS u can do it flawlessly. Nerfs only affect noobs. But nerfa without improving loot... Better they make cruel diff back with x10 life mobs and slightly better loot, OPTIONAL ofc. Its be same as "*why I want farm t16 when I destroy t1*" ppl less complain, loot is loot Can't hook last league don't even kill maven on my acc, just friend one, help him get 36 an stop on 25 bcs SAMESHIT but booring... Now next league will be much worse, don't think 36 worth this time


Personally I enjoyed the game when we interacted more with monsters. Having Haast pop up in the middle of a crowded map was a genuine surprise that required some effort to kill. I don't want to go back to 2012 but there were some sweet spots in the middle.


I dont think diversity is nerfed if anything its buffed Crafting nerfs (at least these particular ones) I dont like Everything else I like because it forces me to improve my builds or come up with better ones, and makes the game more challenging


> I dont think diversity is nerfed if anything its buffed Please explain your logic on this. The top meta builds reaching 50m dps last league will still be just as strong. The lower tier builds that were just barely viable will no longer be viable. Skills that were not viable before will be even less viable since everything got a nerf.


Bad builds will be worse. But builds=/= skills The thing is however that most skills if built right were completely viable. Google " x skill Maven" and you'll find videos for 80-90% of skills. People killed sirus with ice blink totems. Im not gonna say certain skills wont be more powerful, cos thats untrue. But a: part of the fun in poe is figuring out the new OP thing after a big meta shakeup b: just because a skill is worse doesnt mean its not viable, its a non competitive pve game. If it cam beat the endgame its viable. I maintain that the main problem isnt that skills are bad, but that people are mislead into thinking they are due to meta and following streamers, and looking at the game with a competitive mentality. Ofc there are exceptions, like lightning tendrils or heavy strike are absolute garbage. And certain build archetypes will be weaker like ignite. But thats just the nature of meta shifts. You dont need more than 1-2 million dps to clear anything thats not delirium maps or the feared. On certain skills like cold dot etc, even sub 1 mil feels smooth cos its always ticking. And the fact that noone knows wtf will be good opens up a lot of room for experimentation and innovation which makes the meta more diverse until it settles


I mean... If you love the game you will still have fun. Its about playing not complaining. I always have some favourite builds and iam not mad when they nerf it, cause we know its too strong right? I just like to getting forced to play smth new. But iam also the kind of player who nearly never plays a build twice.


>GGG: do something player don't like >player: But think about the ~~children ~~ build diversity Your nerf to crafting is change for master crafting while you also get new way of crafting with expansion and you get even items with new type of defense. Goal of changes is to get build more close together to make more or different build viable. Many people and OP extravagate these nerfs. like the guy who is afraid he will not be able to zoom-zoom maps with his headhunter and some people act like 1st act will be unbeatable, or that you need 100 ex to make good build. This forum is full of out of touch toxic people who just want to complain. GGG keep this game fund for more than 10 years. I am not sure why I would not believe in their vision now. Game get nerfs/buffs all the time.


i like crafting changes because i dont like straightforward crafts without byproducts. straightforward crafting removes demand of starting items, some currency and supply of byproducts that are still useful. also this type of crafting sometimes produces items that are usable by ur character, but it should be tweaked by changing other items to fit in i like damage changes because oneshotting feels less fun each league. i do love mechanically dodge abilities, but why should i if last sirus phase is just his autoattacks for 5 seconds without using any ability. i can tank autoattack with ts deadeye with very low defense potential i like movement abilities changes because you cannot be hit 99% of time otherwise. monsters aiming for places you were .5 seconds ago. and you dash around every .9 second i dont think that delevel should be a thing, but encouraging using all 6 portals for every fight is bad. you should build character that rarely die to level it up


Because of the power creep the game needed nerfs at some point. You cannot endlessly increase the damage and speed of players. In addition the game got to an unhealthy state - killing 99% of mobs before they do anything and killing endgame bosses in seconds is not healthy for the game. GGG felt like they had to add mechanics that where not fun (one-hots you cannot see and invulnerable bosses) to add some challenge to the game. With a bit slower game you can add interesting combat mechanics instead. The nerfs to damage brought all builds closer together. Which means that it is easier to balance them in the future and get a better build diversity in the long run.