Long story short we had a lady who was insanely drunk. Cops told her she could either go to the hospital or go to jail since we didn’t want her in the hotel due to her intoxication. She chose to go to the hospital. More than likely if she went to jail, she would have just sat in the drunk tank until morning.


I don't like how the cops handled that. She was on something....and who knows what it could have been.....so the choices that they should have given her were to have someone pick her up or SIMPLY have somebody bring her to the hospital. Adding the threat of arresting her if she chose to go to the hospital to get help is a very reckless method that could deter people from getting needful, even lifesaving, medical assistance. If you wanna arrest her later? Have at it....but keep that on the downlow until after she gets admitted. Of course she isn't going to the hospital now that she has been threatened about it.


She should not have been allowed to remain on your property at all, the police really messed this one up. Your manager should complain to the town's higher ups about this.