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2015 was in a car accident as a passenger. Old ex friend got a car after I had pushed him to get a job and save up, and so naturally he wanted to show me first. Was a 90’s Corolla, in pretty shit condition. I took him to a spot we could go that would be away from civilization where he could really test her out. 5 mins in he loses control on the gravel, and tries to correct by swinging the wheel to the right. We ended up hitting a dirt mound and barrel rolling, at which time my seatbelt assembly broke off the car and I was ejected from the passenger window. I broke 8 vertebrae in my spine, 3 ribs and collapsed a lung, shattered my pelvis and tailbone, broke my skull, had massive internal bleeding both in my body and my brain. He saw me laying there on the street, and kicked my phone over to me before he ran off. I knew it was over for me so I decided to call my dad and apologize for an argument we had earlier in the week, and he could tell something was wrong so he asked me to send my location, at which time I told him I was in a wreck. Thankfully paramedics got there in a timely fashion because I was flatlining as they arrived. They resuscitated me 3 times on the way to the hospital, where I was put in a medically induced coma for a week, spent about 8 months in that hospital, and had to learn to walk again, but I’m here and alive.


My birth father was taken out of the picture which meant my neglectful birth mother was my only source of care, resulted in my being hours away from death due to starvation and dehydration.


At my lowest (around 10 years ago) I was days away from attempting suicide. Thankfully I took actions to stop myself.


Kind of simple but, was walking home from high school about 6 or 7 years ago and was in my own world. I was about to cross the road when a car would have clearly hit me. One of my friends put his hand in front of me to stop me. Came back to reality and thanked him for maybe saving my life, or at least a hospital visit.


Probably the time someone opened the blind rams while we were changing pipe rams and we got hit in the face with Open Wellbore Pressure. That was a bad day. Luckily, no one got killed.


Spun out on ice roads, had a deep freeze over night and the next morning had slight rain so everything was like an ice skating ring. Got off the highway and started spinning 360s down the ramp, came to a stop facing the wring direct wirh a semi coming right at me, thankfully the semi was able to get slowed down and to the edge of the road, he missed me by about 5"


I’ve had two close calls. I almost drowned at a pool party when I was a kid. And I almost died from an overdose as a young adult.


I had a close call once while using heroin. I started chasing the dragon and next thing I know I was being hauled away in an ambulance. I quit using and abusing and got my degree. Now I teach gym at an elementary school. Just kidding, none of that was true. I did almost get hit by a bus in Boston though. That was scary...


Food poisoning


A head on collision at 80km/h


When I was 5 I was standing on the edge of a cliff with my dad, and the wind pushed me over, I fell and my arms and head hung over the edge.


When members of a cartel had me surrounded


I passed out from hydrocephalus and should be dead if not for some amazing er doctors. Couple years later, I passed out and had a very trippy experience. Then I woke up on the porch with paramedics and my then gf telling me I had stopped breathing.