I didn't stick up for boy in high school with no friends. I was in a precarious nerd pool and didn't want to topple into bully territory. Teen years are hard without confidence and life experience. I hope he's doing okay.


What do you mean “time”? I have become what I despised PERMANENTLY


Twice I have become a person I didn’t like both times I navigated through it and corrected my behaviour/mindset but I didn’t go back to being the person I was before. Kinda like I evolved. The first time - I became really sad, its fine to be sad but I was wallowing in self pity. The trigger most would say was for good reasons or at least natural ones but it took me a while to realise that my negative mindset was making me miss the good and fun things in life. After this I built a strong mentality, I lost some of my emotional sensitivity though, and I became rewired to think logically instead of emotionally. As this progressed, like 5 years later I began to become tunnel visioned and became angry at things. Not really expressing this anger much but I would internally feel like a fizzy bottle that had been shaken far too much. I was often moody. Unsure exactly what changed but I just decided my mindset was wrong and day by day I got less angry. Now I am way more relaxed and carefree.