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That’s definitely too easy, They could of suggested him being accepted into art school, (I think) I do remember reading that he had a rough time being accepted in his youth. That alone could of altered his trajectory.


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I would contend that if you erase any moment in history, it will then occur in a different form. Stop Christianity from being established? Another religion will fill the void. Prevent the rise of Hitler? He was one of many dictators. Another would eventually reach similar levels of atrocity. Prevent 9/11? No Patriot Act, no increased security. A similar event would eventually happen. The thing about historic events is that we learn a little from each over time, for better or for worse. I'd rather not risk a butterfly effect.


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Gotta narrow it down. So much tragedy, Do you do more bad, to do more good, like more genocide at the time of the crusades, do you wipe out Islam completely? Or do you wipe out all the Christians from the Middle East? Do you stop The expansion of the Holy Roman Empire? Do you stop the Plague? What about the reformation? Martin Luther? Do we let the Moors win the war with Queen Isabella and King Ferdinan of Spain to stop Christopher Columbus from landing in North America? I know I’m all over the place in terms of historical events, but any number of these things have human civilization altering consequences, and this is the big stuff, I’m no historian, but there are likely smaller decisions and events that had an outsized In this Century, do we allow W bush to steal the recount in Florida? What kind of world would we live in if Al Gore became President? Does that have any effect on 9/11? Would that of stopped Obama? Would Trump of became President? Do we stop the formation of the atom bomb? Do we show the Japanese what we have, before we drop it? Personally I believe dropping the “bomb” is a crime against humanity I can only hope that if Truman really knew what the ramifications were, maybe he wouldn’t of done it I mean I can go on, unintended consequences are massive. It’s a wild thought experiment. Most of these events are “western centric” I’d love to hear someone of another nationality give their thoughts.


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Why not stop World War 1? One could argue that was a pre cursor to WW2, remember Ho Chi Minh was at the Treaty of Versailles, does he still embrace Communism? Does he find some other way to achieve Independence from France? Do we still protect French interests in Vietnam in the 70s? If we don’t fight in Vietnam? Does Henry Kissinger still get an opportunity to **** up the world? Just saying