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Not love me


Cheers bro ill drink to that


Conceived me.


Never let me have friends, the ones I had they scared them away by asking strange questions about their family 23 years old and still have difficulty making friends


My mother faked multiple forms of cancer for 12 years (I was 6-18). My father was never around, he was in prison for armed robbery and is a waste of space.


Your parents don't ruin your life, at least not once you're an adult. As soon as you're old enough to make your own decisions, it's very much on you to do the best you can with what you have. Whilst it's true that your socioeconomic status might limit your opportunities to some extent, nothing else does. I was horribly abused as a child in different ways, but while that left me somewhat shut down emotionally and in a permanent state of hyper vigilance, it hardly 'nearly ruined' my life. I make my own opportunities and I left home as soon as I could and never spoke to my family again. Blaming others for your failures is unproductive and won't help you succeed at anything.