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I your said cum when the did


uuuh, just the tiny farting noises during anal. not really farts at all because the air isn't coming from inside of me, it's air bubbles happening thanks to the motions. always a little funny ngl


I made this weird shuddering squeal noise when I was overstimulated once


Pulling out of a girl, we were going very hard and heavy, and very loud suction pop noise happened, couldn't help but laugh


I thought it would be funny to make the sound turtles make while fucking and the lady didn’t get the reference. We never spoke again lmao. Totally worth it


My ex called out her ex


Was at a birthday party at like a community centre. (Think I was 16/17). Like 10 of us were left at the end of the night. There was a load of blue gym mats we were all laying on. Me and a Lady friend were getting it on and another couple were a few ft away in pitch black. I could hear them talking and I guess because of the darkness I realised he sounded a lot like Harry Potter (his name was Dan too and he was on a mat with the daughter of my head of year teacher at school). So here is how the conversation went: Me: “Dan, you know you REALLY sound like Harry Potter right?” Dan: “Yes I get, that a lot” Girl on Dan’s mat: “Well come here Wizard and find my golden snitch.” The whole room erupts with laughter, I lose my boner. The girl I am with literally couldn’t stop laughing so we get kicked out and spend the night in the playground.